• Kristi Hatch     My name is Kristi Hatch and I am proud to be a Freeman Scottie!!!  This year I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade students Course 3 Mathematics and High School Algebra 1 to five different classes.  My goal is to make math enjoyable for students and continue to challenge them while they demonstrate their understanding of math concepts aligned with the Common Core State Standards. I try to provide the inspiration and motivation to help students want to learn math and be challenged by the many different problem solving situations they will encounter not only in math, but in real life.  With their hard work and effort, they will be successful in math.
    Position:  Math Teacher
    Building: Freeman Middle School
    E-mail Address:  khatch@freemansd.org
    Phone:  (509) 291-7301 Ext. 325
    Prep:  1st Period