• Kathryn O'Connor
    2019-2020 Position: EWU English 101-- College Composition: Exposition and Argumentation, AP English Language and Composition
    Email Address: koconnor@freemansd.org
    Phone Number: (509)291-3721 (ext. 260)
    AP Language and Composition & ENGLISH 101 Summer Assignment:
    PART 1: Read and annotate FIVE argumentative articles from any reputable news sources (check the columns, editorial, opinion sections). Make sure the articles were published this summer and cover five different current issues, but feel free to look at entertainment, sports, or whatever interests you.  The writing should be argumentative--NOT informative news.  Please bring the annotated articles to class on the due date. 
    PART 2: Write a three page researched argumentative essay in response to an issue raised in one of the articles you found. Please use MLA citation style and include a works cited page. See the website below for assistance. 
    PART 3 RECOMMENDATION: I strongly reccomend you read and annotate a non-fiction novel this summer. Here are a few suggestions from various AP Language teachers: 
    DUE DATE: Tuesday September 3rd. 
    Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
    ---William Butler Yeats
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