• Dear Families,

    I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to teach your child. I am very excited to have them in my class this year and I am looking forward to getting to know them and you better.  I have just a couple of things that I wanted to point out as we get started on another school year.


    Homework is very important to help students get in the mode of setting aside time for unfinished work and studying.   With that being said, I believe the most important aspect of a student’s life is their family.  I do want to set up good habits, but not bury them with homework.  Homework will consist of work that they did not finish throughout the day, studying for a test, or having an adult look over their finished work and then helping them with any concepts that they might have missed.  I will never assign work just for the sake of creating homework.  I want kids to be active members of our community outside of school and to simply be kids.  (Remember, they can always be reading for pleasure, studying multiplication facts, double checking their work, or doing some good old fashioned chores around the house).


    I really try to keep my online grade book up-to-date, so that you can keep an eye on your child’s progress.  I also print out missing assignment sheets and distribute them to the individuals who have assignments that are missing.  An assignment that is late may be turned in for a grade lower.  Late work that comes in after the chapter test will be entered into the gradebook at a 50%.  I do this because I really want the students to build good habits of getting their work turned in on time.  Plus the homework is meant to prepare them for the upcoming test.  Remember, when kids are absent, this is not considered late work.  If a student is absent, they get the opportunity to turn their work in without penalty.   If they were gone one day, they get one additional day to make up the work.  If they are gone for two days, they get two days to make up the work.

    Parent volunteers:

    Freeman is such a wonderful community with very supportive families.  This is what makes Freeman such a great place to be.  I do use parent volunteers for certain large projects such as when we build rockets, go on field trips, and other special opportunities where chaperones are needed.  I don’t have a need on a daily or weekly basis, but I will be sure to keep everyone informed when a time arises where I need more help. 

    I truly want your child to be very successful and am excited to help them reach their potential.  If anything arises throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I can be reached via e-mail jrae@freemansd.org and my phone number is 291-7301 ext. 306.


    Jim Rae

Last Modified on September 12, 2022