• FHS Student Printingfreeman papercut

    Freeman School District students get a free printing credit of $.50 per month per student, which equals 50 pages in black and white printing.

    This printing credit shows up automatically (when you log in with your FSD student account) as a popup window for Papercut. The credit lasts until the end of the month. The credit is reset at the end of each month, and does not carry over to the next month. If you use up your monthly credit you can receive additional credit by visiting Mr. Moore. 
    Papercut automatically keeps track of your printing credit and allows you to check your printing history.  Students are responsible for budgeting their printing credits.
    There are 2 student printers labeled:
    • FHS-Students-Ricoh
    • FHS-Soars-Ricoh


      Q: Can I use credits from a previous month?
    A: Unfortunately no. These amounts are not transferable between months. Unused balances will zero-out at the end of the month. Unused print balances cannot be refunded.
      Q: PaperCut shows I have a balance. Do I owe anything?
    A: No. It shows how much print capacity you have. It is not a bill.
      Q: I don't print much. Can I give credits to someone?
    A: Yes, logon to the web interface: http://fsd-print:9191. Browse to the Transfer menu. Enter the 4 digit student username and amount.
      Q: Does duplex (double-sided printing) count as one page?
    A: It counts as two because of the toner and printer wear and tear. We encourage duplex printing just to save a tree or two.
      Q: Can I monitor my printing during the month?
    A: Yes. You must be on campus to log in. Go to http://fsd-print:9191 and log in with your FSD network account ID and password. You can also monitor your activity via the PaperCut popup window by clicking the details button.
      Q: If I'm at home, can I see what my balance is?
    A: No. You need to be on campus to log in to PaperCut and see how much printing credit you have left.