School Counseling Program

  • Freeman's school counseling program follows the American School Counselor Association Model (ASCA) National Model for school counseling in following WA state standards. There are four aspects to the model: Define, Assess, Deliver, and Manage. The reasoning behind an ASCA model is so all services are delivered to all students systematically. This includes a developmentally appropriate curriculum focused on students' mindsets and behaviors for postsecondary readiness and success and close achievement and opportunity gaps. This results in improved student achievement, attendance, and discipline. 

  • Define: Defined student standards and professional standards

    Manage: Design and implementation of the ASCA Model

    Deliver: Services and activities that are directly or indirectly delivered to students

    Assess: How the program is regularly checking for effectiveness, informed improvements, and results

ASCA Model

Mission Statement

  • As Freeman School Counselors, we provide a safe environment for all students to experience meaningful, rigorous learning opportunities including academic, social-emotional, and career & college readiness that allow them to dream and develop into capable, confident, and ethical members of our community.  

Vision Statement

  • All students have the opportunities and skills to succeed in post-secondary choices. 

  • Elementary and Middle School
  • Freeman High School
  • High School
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