• Sixth Grade Science Syllabus

    Mr. Rae


    Topics being taught:

    Environmental Science, Weather, Astronomy and The Human Body..

    Classroom Expectations:

    We want every student to feels safe, secure, and able to learn at all times.  Our class is a place where students should feel confident and comfortable enough to take chances while learning.  For these reasons we insist that all members of the class are respectful of each other and conduct themselves in a manner that allows others to learn to the best of their abilities.  

    Attitude and effort play a large part in the success of our students.  We encourage the students to give their best and to help others succeed. 

    Grading Policy

    Your grade will be based on assignments, tests, projects, and science labs. 

    Grades are weighted with assignments, projects, and labs being 30% of your grade while chapter tests will be 70% of your grade.  This is done because your daily work is meant to prepare you for your final assessment. 

    Study guides will be provided a couple of days before each test to help students prepare.  The students are encouraged to bring these guides home and have family members help them study.  

    I feel that a large part of students’ success is their ability to organize themselves and to be able to complete their work on time.  For this reason, I grade late work that comes in before that chapter’s test as a grade lower.  Work that comes in after the chapter test as 50%.  I do this to teach the students responsibility and the purpose of the assignments is to prepare the students for the assessment.   

    I am going to continue putting assignment on Google Classroom incase students lose a copy of their assignment or if they are absent.  This way parents and students can have easy access to the work.  I will also post videos that I show in class for easy access.

    Communication:  Successful relationships require communication.  It is my hope that all of the students feel comfortable enough with me to communicate any question that they have about the class or concerns that they might have.  I believe that by advocating for themselves, they will be better prepared for life outside of school.  I very much have an open door policy and hope that everyone will feel free to communicate in person, via e-mail or phone call.  I want each child to have a positive 6th grade experience.


    Supplies need to be successful in Science:

    Binder with paper, pencils, correcting pens, fine tip sharpie, colored pencils, ruler, and lab notebook.  This notebook can be either a composition or spiral notebook. 

Last Modified on August 28, 2023