• Spanish I is an introductory course that will expose students to vocabulary, grammar, and various cultural traditions and holidays. We will study the language in various ways: stories, games, verbal and written exercises, partner work, and projects.  
    It is important to me that each classroom establishes its own relationships and atmosphere; we are like a family. My hope is that the students will feel safe experimenting with the new language with one another. It's crucial that they try to speak the language!
    In addition to the norm (tests, quizzes, homework), Spanish I classes will have a competition with each other. Each class can earn or lose points based on behavior, attendance, and kindness. None of it is grade based. At the end of the semester, the winning class will watch a movie in Spanish and I will provide snacks. The losing class will have an in-class worksheet, which I feel is another incentive to try and win! The score and rules are posted in the classroom along with a class photo.
    I also like to establish a pattern within my classroom, so we will have activities we will do regularly:
    Monday: Loca Lunes (an interactive and educational show filmed in Spain) 
    Tuesday: Talking Tuesday (sustained speaking in Spanish in question/answer form)
    Wednesday: Worksheet Wednesday 
    Thursday: Throwback Thursday (quick review of previous vocabulary)
    Friday: Viva Viernes (vocab review), quiz day
     Below you will find an overview of material we will cover during the year. Please feel free to compare to Spanish II. This year is working mainly on the present tense (the most complicated tense) with a lot of vocabulary.
    Present tense
    Simple future
    Simple past
    Greetings and conversation
    Personality and physical descriptions
    In a school
    Telling time
    Expressing the date
    Weather and outdoor activities
    Fairy Tales
    In an airport