• Scott Carolan

    Position: 7th and 9th grade Health/Fitness Teacher
    Building: High School Room 207   Middle School gym
    Email Address: scarolan@freemansd.org
    Phone Number: (509) 291-3721 ext. 220

    Welcome to Mr. Carolan's Health/Fitness Class
    Introduction to health class:
    This program will provide students with knowledge, skills, and understanding to maintain an active and health life.  To recognizes dimensions of health, stages of growth and development, and to reduce health risks. As well as to analyzes personal information to develop individualized health and fitness plans in ways that enhance their immediate and long term health goals, that will influunce their families, school and the community to which they belong.
    Introduction to lifetime fitness:
    The best way to describe lifetime fitness is activites that students will be able to participate in long after they graduate from high school.  These activities include: Airel football, pickle ball, volleyball, baskeball, whiffle ball, softball and many others.  My hope is each student to take something from this class to stay active in their own personal lives.