CTE Student Spotlight

Lane Mathews is a junior at Freeman High School. His journey into sports photography is a testament to the power of passion and self-driven learning. Starting with a Yearbook class, he discovered his knack for capturing moments through the lens. His venture into sports photography began just last year, yet his dedication swiftly propelled him into covering events for various schools and even prestigious institutions like Gonzaga University and Eastern Washington University. His involvement with Scorebook Live, handling game photos, edits, and player interviews, showcases his multifaceted skill set and adaptability in diverse settings, all honed through his "learning on the fly" approach and networking. Networking is a skill Lane developed when he started his own lawn care business.  A skill that continues to serve him well.

The advice Lane offers to aspiring photographers echoes his own experience: perseverance, a hunger for learning, and embracing the learning curve are crucial. His emphasis on finding balance resonates, emphasizing the importance of not being discouraged by initial shortcomings but instead viewing them as stepping stones toward growth. His mentors—fellow photographers and supportive teachers like Ms. Longinotti and Mr. Thompson—have played pivotal roles in nurturing his passion and expanding his horizons.

Beyond photography, Lane envisions a potential career in law enforcement, demonstrating his multifaceted interests. However, he intends to keep his passion for sports alive, considering sports announcing as a possible side pursuit. His journey is a testament to how a simple interest, when cultivated with dedication and supported by a network of mentors and peers, can unfold into promising prospects and a broader set of skills for the future.

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