• 2013 Summer Workout information coming soon.  In the meantime, here's last year's info for reference.



    2012 Summer Workout:

    Okay, we are meeting on the following days:


    Friday 7:30 AM @ Freeman


    Remember, keep track of your summer exercise as you get points toward your letter.


    These are the Phases of Training we use at Freeman forour XC program.


    1. Distance Re-orientation - Summer

    2. Base Building - Summer & Beginning of XC

    3. Lactate Threshold -XC Middle Season

    4. VO2 Max - Middle End of Season

    5. Peaking (Regional and State)



    Phase 1. Distance Reorientation

    Two weeks of cross training:  swim, bike or hiking and running alternating days with one day off. These days we will be meeting to run (STILL WAITING ON CAPTAINS). On days when we do not meet to run, running or other activities such as swimming, biking, hiking or some other activity are great for cross training. Use either Saturday or Sunday as your day of rest.


    Phase 1 & 2 Combined:

    Key is to work on building up your mileage and strength.


    During these weeks, I encourage weight lifting 2-3 times a week. Working on core is great along with hurdle drills for hip flexors. Band exercises are good. Those of you who have chosen to do APX~ great start.  Remember, APX is great for core strength and speed, but do not forsake your running  :)


    Kenya Philosophy: I read about the Kenyan runners and I like how they warm up and cool down. I recommend this during the Distance Re-orientation phase.The Kenyan rarely stretch in their home country. They start out walking, gradually pick up, find a good pace, maintain it, and then after they have run 20 to 60+ minutes, they cool down, by gradually slowing down, and then walking to cool down. An example of this would be, if the workout is for 20 minutes,y ou would walk 5-10 minutes, start jogging slowly, (time starts now), then pickup to a comfortable pace (when trying to get miles in, this is NOT a RACE or a HIGH STEAD STATE RUN), it is intended to be comfortable. In the season we will do this at higher speed, but now just get your mileage up.


    NOTES ON SHOES!! Please do not spend lots of $$ on shoes. The latest research shows that shoes with very high padded heels, teach and encourage runners to land on their heel instead of the ball of their feet. I’ve been doing some running in very minimal Easy Spirit elastic shoes and love them. I’m not recommending this, however, a name brand does not always mean you have a great shoe. If you have any questions...email me.


    ***If you need more, email me. I have not had alot of feedback on this and will put in the effort if you are using it, however, it not, the key is MILES, MILES, MILES.....