• Activity route stops and approximate times can be viewed on the district website.


    Activity buses will be available for after school activities Monday through Thursday from the first day of school until Memorial Day weekend.  Buses will leave Freeman Junior High at 5:30 p.m. and Freeman High School at 5:35 p.m.    

    This form needs to be filled out and returned to the office one week BEFORE the student will be allowed to ride the activity bus.  This will ensure your child a spot on the bus.  The Transportation Department will then contact you and let you know your drop off point and approximate arrival time.  There must be one form completed at the beginning of each sporting season or special event.

    Name of Student _______________________________________________

    Parent Name __________________________________________________

    Address ______________________________________________________

    Home Phone ____________________Work Phone____________________  

    Cell Phone _____________________

    Emergency Contact and Phone ___________________________________

    Is it permissible to drop your child at the activity bus stop if you are not there to pick him/her up?

    ____Yes          ____No  (the child will be returned to the school until parental contact is made)

    Any medical concerns the driver should be aware of?  _______________________________


    All students must have a note (signed by the office or teacher) to get off at a stop that is different from their assigned stop.


    Parent Signature ___________________________________________  Date ______________


    Transportation phone:  291-5555        Char Trejbal 370-4649       Everett Combs 370-4650