1.                  The driver is in full charge of the bus, and the pupils will obey the driver promptly and respectfully.  (WAC 392-145-015)

    a.       Students will sit facing forward, keeping themselves and all objects out of the aisle.

    b.      No rough-housing or fighting

    c.       Excessive noise, profanity and obscene gestures are not allowed.

    d.      Assigned seat placement will be at the driver’s discretion


    2.                  Students will not change seats or stand while the bus is in motion.  Drivers may change a student’s seat placement if necessary.  Windows may be opened with driver’s permission.  Nothing is to be extended from the windows at any time (hands, head, arms, garbage, spitting, etc.)         (WAC 392-145-035)


    3.                  Students shall ride their assigned bus at all times and must exit at their proper stop unless written permission has been granted by parents or guardian with school authorities.

    (WAC 392-145-020)


    4.                  Students shall have nothing on the bus that may cause injury to another student, including glass, sticks, pointed objects, fire of any kind, weapons, etc.  Items brought must be kept in a closed backpack or duffel bag.  Large items that cannot be held in the student’s lap safely will not be allowed.  (WAC 392-145-015)


    5.                  Students shall keep the bus clean and in good repair.  Students and parents will be held financially responsible for any damage.  Eating and drinking are not allowed on route buses.  (WAC 392-145-035)


    6.                  Controlled substances designated by law are not allowed.  Possession or use of such will be handled according to school district policy.  Animals and insects are not allowed on the bus, whether for class purposes or not.  Seeing eye dogs will be allowed.  (WAC 392-145-015)


    7.                  Students shall e on time and wait in an orderly fashion, with no pushing or rough-housing, and be safely off the road while waiting for the bus.  Policy is to be at the stop 5 minutes early.  Students shall cross only in front of the bus, never behind, and only after the bus has stopped and the driver has motioned that the way is clear.  (WAC 392-145-020)


    8.                  State law requires that students shall remain silent while buses are crossing railroad tracks. (WAC 392-145-030)






    1. The same rules apply as for regular and activity routes, with these exceptions:


    a.                   Eating and drinking will be up to the teacher/coach, with the driver’s permission.

    b.                  Sitting with legs stretched across the seat, as long as safety is not compromised, with the driver’s permission.

    c.                   Pencils may be used, for immediate homework only, as approved by the principals with the driver’s permission.


    1. All sports equipment will be stored in the underneath storage compartments whenever possible.  All items brought on the bus for necessary sports, band, etc., will be secured.


    1. Without exception.  NO GLASS CONTAINERS WILL BE ALLOWED.   



    1. All teachers, coaches, and parents that ride are to follow the same rules as students.  While the bus is in motion, teachers/coaches may walk back to aid a student immediately in the event of any situation that becomes life-threatening.  Coaches and chaperones are responsible for student conduct.  The driver should not have to intervene.




    1. First referral for misbehavior is used as an informational tool to inform the parents and principal of improper behavior.  The problem will be discussed with the student and a phone call home discussing the problem with the parent, asking them to handle the problem before it grows.


    1. Second referral will be discussed with the student.  The referral will be sent home with the student as a written warning that the next referral could result in the loss of riding privileges.


    1. Third referral involves a conference with the student and one to three day’s suspension off the buses, both regular route and the activity route.


    1. Fourth referral involves a conference and one to five day’s suspension off the regular route and the activity route.


    1. Fifth referral involves a conference and a possible long-term suspension off the regular route and the activity route.


    If the incident is harmful to others or causes physical damage to school buses, a more severe punishment may result.  The discipline procedures for any referrals at the end of the school year may be carried into the next school year.  As situations vary, all discipline will be at the principal’s discretion.


    We have read and understand the bus rules and discipline procedures as stated on this document.