• School Bus Safety Week starts on the 21st October and we would like to share with you the following short message explaining how safe school buses are and why they are so safe.

    As you know, we are held to a far higher standard of safety than any other forms of transportation. If multiple students are killed or injured in a car going to school, it only makes local news. There are 700 students killed each year getting to and from school without the protection of a school bus.

    However, if one child is killed in or around a school bus, it makes national news for days. Due to school busing being so safe there are very few such tragedies. However, because of the national news, people only get to see what goes wrong, even though this is very rare. They do not see the fantastic safe job school busing provides. This video was created in an effort to share the tremendous job we all do in safely transporting students.

    Please consider sharing this video with all your management and employees and, your local TV station. Ask that they share with their viewers.

    It is four minutes long, but time was needed to explain why school busing is so safe. Your local TV station may take exerts from the video as they wish.

    Share this video with as many of your contacts as you can.