• Denise Briggs

    Position: Middle School
    7th Grade Math 7-8 Photogtraphy
    Building: Middle School : Room 20
    Email Address: dbriggs@freemansd.org
    Phone number: 291-7301 ext. 320

    Hi! Welcome!

    This is my 29th year at Freeman, and I’ve taught a variety of subjects ranging from 6th grade to middle school history, ELA, P.E., math, art, and digital photography.

    I graduated from EWU in 1991 with a major in Math and/K-8 Education plus a minor in Reading. I earned my master’s degree in Creative Arts and Learning from Lesley College in Massachusetts.  My master's degree taught me how to incorporate drama, movement, music, poetry, storytelling and art into any curriculum.

    I absolutely love teaching and working with middle school kids. This job truly is my passion! I can’t think of a job that I would love more.

    My educational philosophy centers around the idea that kids will work hard if they are motivated and inspired. I have found that if students are given some personal choice in projects and assignments, they will in turn become invested in their learning. Their learning will become relevant in their own lives because their personal experiences, along with their own passions, will be the main factor that drives their learning.  

    Understanding the "why" particularly in math and seeing how math can help them in the world also helps kids make an investment in their effort.  I allow kids opportunities to relearn material they didn't understand the first time around.  Learning doesn't end after a quiz or test.  If students have the desire to put in extra work and come in for help, I'm happy to offer retakes.  My math classroom is all about learning and having those ah-ha lightbulb moments that are so powerful.  Students are so proud when they grasp and understand a hard math concept.  I will make every effort to guide your child in this journey.
    I arrive at school at 7:45 a.m. and stay usually until 4:00ish. 
    *I am always happy to meet with a student after school.  You can plan on me staying until 4:00 most days. Just email me to make arrangements just to make sure I'm able to stay. This is a great time to work in my classroom on math work, form study groups and to get help with math...also this is a great time to retake quizzes.  
    I teach...
    7th Grade Math
    P. 1
    P. 4
    P. 5
    P. 6 
    P. 2
     My Prep Time: 3rd Period 

    If you have any questions on what was assigned each day, please have your child show you their Google Classroom STREAM.  I update this every day.  Under the "Classroom" tab at the top of their Google Classroom page, you will find all assignments with directions, etc. I will also attach worksheets if we aren't doing an assignment out of their textbook.

    ALSO:  I take pictures of my notes every day and post them under the topic  "NOTES".  Your child is responsible for copying down notes every day, even if they were absent.