This page contains my classroom expectations, leadership activities, and the syllabus for each of my classes.  Please click on the heading to pull up a .pdf of the actual document.

    Classroom Expectations

    Attached you will find the classroom expectations for the Business Education Department at FHS.  Please read and abide by these.  Remember, "Respect" is number 1.

    Leadership Activities Information Sheet

    This document details information regarding the required leadership component from the State of Washington.  As you scroll down the page, you will notice a list of activities that students may do to fulfill this requirement.

    Leadership Activity Form

    Whenever a student completes a leadership activity, this form must be filled out and turned into Mr. Moore.  Attach the typewritten project the student may have completed, provide a contact number, or acquire the appropriate signature.

    Accounting Syllabus

    Learning what goes on behind the scenes in business can give students a better appreciation for running their own business and/or managing their own financial records.

    Digital Design Syllabus
    The students will begin the year by designing a webpage using a language called HTML.  This is not an easy language and will require students to take detailed notes.  Throughout the year, material is presented in a lecture format and then students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge by developing their sites.  It is critical that students are able to use class time wisely, as they work on their projects independently.  We will also be exploring Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop and possible Adobe Premiere (digital video editing).
    Digi-Tools (i.e. Digital Communication Tools) is an entry level keyboarding class. We will be learning (reviewing in some cases) the correct format for keyboarding, applying this skill to business related documents (letters, reports, etc....), in addition to touching on Voice Recognition and Desktop Publishing. Digi-Tools is designed for students to learn Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Microsoft's Office 2016.  Students in this class must be able to use their time independently due to the nature of the course. 
    In Entrepreneurship, we are exploring the world of business and all the details involved with going into business for yourself.  The final project will be to develop a business plan for a business the student would actually like to open.  Communication  is essential, just like it is in the "Business World!"  This is a very popular, interesting, and fun class where students can relate the information learned to the everyday world of business.

    Leadership Class Syllabus

    The Leadership class is a very active, and popular, class at Freeman.  In this class, we are responsible for a number of events held throughout the year at Freeman.  Events such as Open House, Homecoming, Winterfest, Dances, Assemblies, etc....  It's a fun and exciting class, but takes some a lot of heart to do it right.  ASB and class officers are strongly encouraged to take this class - other students can also enroll in Leadership though an application process.

    Understanding and managing personal finances are key to one's future financial success.  This course presents essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about real world financial issues.  Students will learn how choices influence occupational options and future earning potential.  Students will also learn to apply decision-making skills to evaluate career choices and set personal goals. 

    Microsoft Office Certification Information

    This document will give you a brief introduction to becoming Microsoft Office certified.  This industry certification class will give students a tremendous head start in college, business, and society in general.


Last Modified on October 21, 2019