• Middle School Coaching Staffs:

    Basketball:   8th Grade Boys Varsity - Scott Moore; 8th Grade Boys JV - Scott Carolan

           8th Grade Girls Varsity - Denna Jackson; 8th Grade Girls JV - Scott Moore

    Softball:       8th Grade - Scott Moore; 7th Grade - Scott Carolan


    Philosophy.  Our philosophy’s and priorities are very simple:


    1.      We want you to develop a “Love for the game of softball and basketball.”  Softball and basketball are two of the oldest games in America and are some of the finest.  We feel if you can develop a love for the game, everything else will fall in place.

    2.      We want you to have fun.  If you are having fun and working hard, you will learn the game and develop the fundamentals necessary to become a good player.

    3.      We want you to learn the game.  If you can learn some of the strategies and the proper rules, you will be able to properly execute and therefore, become a much better ballplayer.

    4.      We want you to develop the proper fundamentals of the game.  We will be working on a lot of basic softball fundamentals, including the simple things like proper throwing techniques, batting techniques, fielding techniques and base running.  For basketball, we will be working on dribbling, shooting, passing, and defensive and offensive fundamentals.

    5.      We want you to develop a “team attitude”.  We are going to work hard to learn the basic fundamentals to improve your personal play, and at the same time, we want you to understand how important it is to develop into a good solid team.

    6.      We want you to develop good work habits.  We will be working on the little things such as hustling on and off the field/court, working hard in both practices and games, and showing the proper care for a softball field and basketball court. 

    7.      We want you and your parents to show good sportsmanship.  It’s fun to win and to simply play the game, but we also want you to be good sports.


    2019 MS Softball Schedule

    2020 MS Boys Basketball Schedule

    2020 MS Girls Basketball Schedule

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