COVID 19.   We are definitely in unchartered waters, not only in the Freeman School District, but also in Spokane County, Washington State, USA and the World.  None of us have the answer to the many questions that are out there.  But just like we preach on the court or on the field, it takes a team to overcome adversity.  Together we can, and will, rebound and be stronger than ever.
    Throughout history, crises of different forms have challenged humanity.  Some are political or economic crises, others are natural disasters or social crises.  How we interpret, react and bounce back from the crises of today are what will define how we survive the crises of tomorrow.
    Individually, we each need to work towards finding peace in our hearts and minds.  We must find a way to come to terms with our situation and find peace with it.  It is also essential that we find peace with each other; we are united by the challenges imposed by this global pandemic and together, we’ll get through it.
    Regarding my classes....
    The expectations from the state change daily.  My biggest advice for you is to check your emails and your Google Classrooms consistently.  I will be posting assignments to help you review and refresh, in addition to getting caught up.  How much we move forward will be dictated by the district and state.  Feel free to email anytime with questions and I will do my best to respond quickly.   
    Get involved!  Make this the best year ever by getting involved at Freeman HS.  There are plenty of opportunities - Clubs, Concerts, Plays, Athletic Event, Assemblies and many others.  Don't just go home and veg..... find something or start something. Your time in high school will fly - make the most of your opportunities!
    FBLA -  Coming up....
    * State - Stay tuned!  In talking with the state Executive Director, the state conference has not been canceled - it's been postponed.  At the current time they are making plans for it to be a virtual conference.  We'll know more in the days ahead.
    * Adopt-A-Highway.  FBLA adopted a section of Highway 27 from Darknell to the Palouse Highway in 2008, in Washington State's "Adopt-A-Highway" program.  At least twice a year we spend a morning or afternoon cleaning up our 2 mile section.  Our first day of picking up litter was on Saturday, October 12.  Stay tuned to find out when we will be out and about picking up litter this spring.  It is still possible, in my opinion, that we may do our job even if school is not is session.
    * To stay up-to-date with our everyday activities, contact me (smoore@freemansd.org or 291-3721, ext 201), email an officer, or stop by and see me in room 118.
    Dawghouse Espresso -   Come by in the morning between 7:45 and 8:10 to get one of the best lattes in the area.  If you are interested in being trained for the 2020-21 school year, stayed tuned. Once we get through this virus, we will begin making plans for next year.  That also means that we will be looking for two new managers.  We have had some excellent managers over the years and Kylie and Riley have lived up to those expectations.  Who will be next in line?  I will be interviewing prior to the end of school, so keep alert to bulletin announcements.  A few of the main requirements:
         * Be available every morning before school (this will change once it's up and running)
         * Be able to take an "elective independent study class" (first period is best)
         * Have your own transportation - you will be picking up supplies periodically
         * Be good with people
         * Be able to make drinks quickly and accurately.
    If you would like to receive some excellent "real-world" skills, sign up and get trained in how to make drinks and operate the stand.  It looks great on a resume and gives you real world skills!  See me or our managers, Kylie Nelson or Riley Hawley, to sign up.
    Leadership classroom component.  In all of my classes, 10% of the student's grade is based on leadership.  This requirement will be included on the student's grade at the sixth week of the semester.  There are "tons" of ways to achieve an "A" in this area.  Please see me if you have any questions or check out the "Class Documents" section of this website.



Last Modified on March 23, 2020