• The 2016-2017 Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals is available at this location (see the links at the bottom of this page). 
    • Only one application needs to be completed for all the children in the household. 
    • Attention households with foster children: Follow the instructions as explained in B or C. 

    • If your family qualifies for reduced priced meals all school age children in the household will receive free breakfasts.  We know how important it is for students to start their day with a healthy breakfast! 

    • Reduced price K-3 students are eligible for free lunch. The state is continuing to fund the elimination of the 40¢ co-pay at lunch for K-3 students only in the reduced price category.  If your family qualifies for reduced priced meals and you have a 2nd grade student and a 4th grade student, the cost to your family will be 40¢; the second grade student’s lunch will be free and the fourth grade student’s lunch will be 40¢.  Only 1 application per family is needed.
    • If you would like information about Apple Health for Kid's free or low cost health coverage the phone number and website is listed on the back side of the letter for households.  
    • Special Note:  students who receive free or reduced price meal benefits are allowed one full breakfast and one full lunch per school day.  These benefits do not apply to the purchase of milk only. The cost to purchase one milk is 60¢.   

    • Free and reduced price meal applications can be submitted anytime during the school year as your family circumstances change.  The application can be printed from the link below.   
    We hope that you will apply for this important program.  Please read the form carefully and complete all information, especially case numbers (if applies). Now only the last 4 digits of your social security number are required. We will notify you of your family’s eligibility by letter.  (High school students are encouraged to keep a copy of the eligibility letter for documentation of possible reduction in fees related to college testing and applications.) Please call Marci McGill at 291-7510 if you have any questions or if we can assist with completion of the paperwork