Eligibility & Identification

  • Child Find

    The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) requires the state to have policies and procedures to ensure that all children with disabilities residing in the state, including children with disabilities who are homeless children or are wards of the State, and children with disabilities attending private schools, regardless of the severity of their disability, and who are in need of special education and related services, are identified, located, and evaluated (IDEA; Sec. 300.111).

    Methods used may include but are not limited to activities such as:
    • Providing written notification to all parents of students in the school district's jurisdiction regarding access to and the use of its child find system;
    • Posting notices in school buildings, other public agency offices, medical facilities, and other public areas, describing the availability of child find;
    • Offering preschool developmental screenings;Conducting local media informational campaigns;
    • Coordinating distribution of information with other child find programs within public and private agencies; and
    • Using internal district child find methods such as screening, reviewing district-wide test results, providing in-service education to staff, and other methods developed by the school district to identify, locate and evaluate students including a systematic, intervention based, process within general education for determining the need for a special education referral.

    Find more information about Child Find on the state superintendent's site. 



    What happens after the Child Find? 

    • After Child Find receives your referral, a team member will call you back as soon as possible (within 25 school days) to discuss your concerns.
    • If needed, a developmental screening or assessment appointment will be scheduled. These Child Find services are provided at no cost to families. If your child qualifies for special education, you will be invited to participate in the development of an Individual Education Program (IEP). 

    Students who are attending Private Schools

    • Any child in grades k-12 who attends a private school located within the a specific districts boundaries should contact the district they reside in about a child find screening.
    • If your family is living in a temporary or transitional situation, you may contact the district where you are staying to attend a screening or initiate a child find.
    • Students do not need to be enrolled in public school to receive Child Find services.