• Parent Involvement & Resources

    Every parent and guardian has an integral role to play in their student’s education.
    When your student also receives special education services, that role expands considerably
    as you become an essential member of the team that will plan for your student’s individual education needs and goals. We encourage you to build a strong partnership with your student’s school, principal, and teachers.

    Minimum Viable Team | Sachin Rekhi

  • Resources

    Family Network on Disabilities (FND) is a national network of individuals of all ages who may be at-risk, have disabilities, or have special needs and their families, professionals, and concerned citizens. Their mission is to strive for the complete integration and equality of persons with disabilities in a society without barriers and to serve families of children with disabilities, ages birth through 26, who have the full range of disabilities described in section 602(3) of IDEA. FND is a parent organization as defined in section 671(a)(2) of IDEA 2004. 

    • https://youtu.be/KRQSQrzni00

    In addition, they provide webinars to youth and families about special education. 

    • IDEA presentations
      • https://youtu.be/t1lP7NJUBKE
      • https://youtu.be/lFMhqGls3ts
    • Special Education Process
      • https://youtu.be/3AkFKuJ5h5s
    • IEP (indivualized education plan)
      • https://youtu.be/HxhwW5Zd3F0
      • https://youtu.be/7joH0z2GBtw

    Further resources: 

    Sound Options Group
    P.O. Box 11457
    Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
    Seattle Area: 206.842.2298
    Toll Free: 800.692.2540
    Website: http://somtg.com/about-us/

    Partnerships for Action Voices for Empowerment (PAVE)
    6316 So. 12th St.
    Tacoma, WA 98465
    (800) 5-PARENT (v/tty)
    e-mail: pave@wapave.org
    Web site: http://www.wapave.org/

    Process for requesting student records

    Parents have a right to request records. There is no expectation or requirement that the parent provide the request in written form. Parents can make a request for records in person, by phone or in writing (by mail or email).
    You can contact Freeman's Special Education Secretary, Phyllis Norman, at pnorman@freemansd.org 509.291.4791