• Homework Schedule

    Monday:    Home Reader: Practice reading together.  One way that works best especially for a struggling reader is ECHO READING.  You read and model a sentence.  Then have them echo the same sentence after you.  Answer questions either orally or written down.  Send back signed

    Tuesday: 1) Fluency Practice: Reading Fluency: Time them for a minute as they read.  Circle any mistakes and mark where they finished in a minute.  Discuss any mistakes they may have made.  Then time them for a second minute.  See if they can beat their first score.  Our fall fluency goal is 51 words per minute (WPM).

    2)  Vocabulary Practice:  Use the 5-6 Vocabulary words written in a complete sentence (Capitals, subject, predicate, punctuation).  Practice writing complex sentences with vocab words, not simple sentences.  Example:  Different

    Simple Sentence:  I’m different. L

    Complex Sentence:  The first day of school is different from the last day of school. J

    Wednesday:   Math Common Core Lessons:  These lessons reflect the skills we have worked on during the current week.  Please complete and send back signed the next day.

    Thursday:  Rainbow Spelling; Students will write each word 3 times in pencil.  Then they will trace (not color) over each word in 3 different colors to make a rainbow.

    Friday:  Letters Home in writing journal about thier week.

Last Modified on September 10, 2018